450 Sqm Lot For Sale in Tagaytay City

Note: this property has been marked as a RUSH SALE. The original asking price was Php2,205,000 (or Php4900/sqm) for this 450 square meter lot.

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Adjacent lots (by other owners) are priced at Php 5000/sqm to Php 6000/sqm.

This particular Tagaytay lot for sale is available for a relatively cheap price.  Current asking price of this property is Php1,800,000.00 (which is Php4000/sqm).

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The lot is located in Patutong Malaki South, in Tagaytay City. It is along Enrile Street, which is accessible via Mahogany Avenue.

Lot For Sale in Tagaytay City

The property is located beside Mahogany Place, and is on the same street as the Little Souls Sisters Convent (which is right across it), Crimson Sunbird, with Mater Dei academy at the corner where Enrile Street intersects with Mahogany Avenue.

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Entryway towards the lot along Enrile St. In the photo, you can see the walls of Mahogany place on your right.
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450 square meters is more than enough space to build a country home with a garden or a small farm.

Tax declaration is under the owner’s name. Tax payments are current. The property is not part of a larger “mother title”, nor has it been applied for a title before.

Owners will begin processing the transfer of papers after receipt of first payment. Installment payment options are available.
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You could see the gates of Mahogany Place (a wedding & events venue) in this particular shot.
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Just past Mahogany Place is Crimson Sunbird. On the same street are Little Souls Sisters Convent, and Mater Dei Academy.
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Conveniently close by Tagaytay’s famous Mahogany Market, the property is also a short distance away from Taal Vista Hotel, Skyranch, Casino Filipino, and the row of bulalo restaurants just before Mendez Crossing.
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You can live the laid-back provincial lifestyle even while located in Tagaytay City. Ask our team about our Tagaytay lots for sale today.

Interested in this property?

TLFSContact the Tagaytay Lots For Sale team today to find out more about the friendlier payment schemes available, or to arrange for a visit to the property in Patutong Malaki South.

Feel free to ask about our other lots for sale in Tagaytay as well!  We have a number of residental lots available in and around Tagaytay City.

You may also contact the Tagaytay Lots For Sale team directly at (+63 999) 888.6363.


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